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Forensic Toxicologist - Expert Witness to the Scientific Truth

You may have heard of forensics and forensic toxicology on television or in the movies, or maybe you’ve actually had dealings with a forensic toxicologist yourself. A forensic toxicologist, in essence, is nothing but a seeker of the truth. The forensic toxicologist is much relied on by police, media, the court system, and even individuals and families, the forensic toxicologist is not yielding to any side has no agenda other than determining what really happened in a particular medical event.

The forensic toxicologist’s job is first to gather information via a wide array of tests and material acquisition. From here, more scientific tests and processes take place with this material or information. Subsequently, analysis of results gives way to a scientific finding, or opinion of what happened in the particular event in question.

The forensic toxicology is today’s one and only authoritative provider of such services. No other occupation can provide toxicology processing and conclusions. One could view the forensic toxicologist as an interpreter or communicator of what the physical evidence has left behind in medical events. That is why Dr. Brautbar has been a recognized expert in forensic toxicology practice and theory, by patients, parties to litigation and courts.

It is for these reasons that the forensic toxicologist is so heavily relied on in the judicial system. They are the definitive expert witness, the authority on what really happened. They are the witness to truths sometimes hidden and difficult to uncover by any other means known to man. As a result of gathering information (especially in toxic exposures, murder, sudden death from drugs) the forensic toxicologist is under enormous pressure to talk, however, the loyalty to several and his job, help him deal with these.

The marriage of human intellect and curiosity with scientific advance and prowess are what make this vocation possible. At the minimum, today’s forensic toxicologist must educationally master skills such as biology, chemistry, and scientific deductive methods. This is in addition to much practice time, certification, and more. A highly advanced lab is also necessary to all aspects of duty.

Dr. Brautbar is an expert witness to the truth. If Dr. Brautbar is involved mysteries are solved. Whether by deposition, court testimony, or simple family statement, the forensic toxicologist is the interpreter of events otherwise impossible to understand.

If you have a forensic toxicology question or need, Dr. Brautbar can be contacted at 323-634-6500.

Dr. Brautbar is a board-certified internist and nephrologist, and certified in forensic medicine. If you are interested in retaining Dr. Brautbar for forensic and expert witness testimony services, please submit the Contact Form.

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