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Medical Opinions in Complex Court Cases

Often in a court of law, the matters being discussed venture outside of common knowledge. In these cases, the testimony from a professional in the field prove invaluable. An expert witness can provide information necessary for an informed decision. Science requires the use of complex ideas, and an expert witness is an important tool in deciphering these ideas for use in a court case. Members of judicial courts are educated in legal matters but are often uneducated in medical fields. Certainly a case involving a jury, persons who may have little legal or medical education, benefit greatly from the use of an expert witness in cases involving complex scientific matters.

Forensic toxicology is a branch of science that involves fairly complex ideas and nomenclature. Forensics toxicology deals with poisons, drugs, or other chemicals found in the body as evidence. A professional's medical opinion in cases of poisoning, overdoses, or even DUIs can bring hard science into the courtroom to make or break a court case.

Forensics toxicology enters the courtroom in a variety of cases, in basically any situation where a foreign material has caused damage to a human body. Examples include chemical exposure, poisoning, environmental pollution, drug issues, body fluid analysis, and more. Forensic toxicology uses a wide range of methods to analyze chemicals present in the body, either alive or post-mortem.

Choosing a reputable medical professional is an important next step after deciding one is necessary. Dr. Brautbar has been offering his medical opinion on legal matters for over two decades. His expertise in forensic toxicology means that his participation in a legal defense (or prosecution) can greatly sway a trial's outcome. His reputation is well-known throughout California, and he has given assistance to a number of high-profile court cases. For more information on seeking his assistance with a forensics toxicology case, visit the Retainer Form page on the website.

Dr. Brautbar is a board-certified internist and nephrologist, and certified in forensic medicine. If you are interested in retaining Dr. Brautbar for forensic and expert witness testimony services, please submit the Contact Form.

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