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The Importance of Expert Testimony

Forensic technology is changing all the time. While this can make it hard for non-experts to keep up with the field, this usually means that results are becoming more and more reliable by the day. Having good forensic work done can be essential for getting to the bottom of environmental factors and other causations. As such, the services of a well trained forensic specialist who is capable of offering expert testimony is incredibly valuable. It is highly probable that the cases or projects you are involved in will hinge heavily on the findings and opinions of a medical expert. The benefits of having a trained professional on your side who is capable of providing a comprehensive review of medical records cannot be understated.

If you are in a position where you have to determine cause and effect relationships in order to solidify your case or project, the idea of operating without a forensic expert on your team seems nothing short of foolhardy. You can be sure that those who you are preparing your case against or your competitors will attempt to secure the best forensic experts they can. Accordingly, you should make sure that you are best equipped to reach your goals by enlisting the services and securing the testimony of a professional who can bring validity and a solid research background to your project. If you have the need to educate various parties on medical causation, you will obviously require the services of a medical professional, and one who bestows credibility on your project. If you are a lawyer who has to prepare deposition questions for opposing experts, you will have a much greater chance of asking the right questions if you have a forensic and medical expert to guide you in the process. The services of a specialist could be the difference between success and failure. As such, you should seek out a specialist or specialists with a proven reputation for experienced clinician, scientists and forensic medicine.

Dr. Brautbar is a board-certified internist and nephrologist, and certified in forensic medicine. If you are interested in retaining Dr. Brautbar for forensic and expert witness testimony services, please submit the Contact Form.

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