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The Role of a Forensic Toxicologist

Dr. Nachman Brautbar is a board-certified internist and nephrologist, and is board-certified in forensic medicine. His specialization is in the field of toxicology. As a forensic toxicologist, Dr. Brautbar has opined in cases of alcohol, drugs of abuse and drug interactions. He has opined nationwide on the cancer causing effects of benzene, asbestos, and chromium. As an expert in forensic toxicology, Dr. Brautbar is frequently consulted in regard to cause of death, forensic toxicology of a vehicular accident in cases of driving under the influence. He has been the treating physician in the Erin Brockovich case and the Lockheed cases. Generally speaking, a forensic toxicologist such as Dr. Brautbar finds and identifies foreign chemicals in the body with emphasis on toxic or hazardous substances. Dr. Brautbar is also highly qualified as an expert witness in the field of forensic toxicology..

A Forensic toxicologist has many roles and responsibilities in criminal and civil investigation related to cause of death, physical or mental harm of individuals or environmental contamination and its effect on the health of the public. This requires meticulous scientific tests on bodily fluids, human tissue, plant, soil, and air or water samples, along with result interpretation. Isolation and identification of the type and amount of chemical, drug or other agent requires the toxicologist to maintain thorough documentation and follow strict processes. The application of the date to analyze a case requires a scientific method (methodology).

The scientific tests and experience of the toxicologist all add up to form an expert opinion. These opinions must be reliable, as this information will be used by the investigators to establish the impact of a chemical, drug or toxic agent in causing individual, population or environmental harm.

The popularity of a Forensic toxicologist is on the rise, due in part to the media. True and fictional crimes are played out on television programs, movies and the news media every day. There are always new drugs on the market and abuse of drugs has become a social problem, which makes it probable that an accidental or purposeful over dosage will occur.

In its infancy forensic toxicology was less scientific and more by the use of the senses. Today immunoassays, chromatographic analytical methods and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy to investigate the properties of organic material are used in toxicology identification and quantification of specimens.

Dr. Brautbar is a board-certified internist and nephrologist. He has also received a certificate of recognition from the city of Los Angeles, CA for his research and teaching in the field of medicine. If you are interested in retaining Dr. Brautbar for forensic and expert witness testimony services, please submit the Contact Form.

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