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Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Interactions

Dr. Brautbar is an expert in the science of drugs and medications, including their composition, mechanisms, uses, interactions, contraindications, and effects. As new products come on the market and/or old products are recalled/removed/replaced, Dr. Brautbar continually updates his pharmacological database of information so that he is better prepared to treat and answer his patients questions with the most current and accurate data. Dr. Brautbar can provide expert medical opinion in regards to following, among others:

  • Toxic Drug Reactions
  • Adverse Drug Reactions
  • Multi-Drug Interactions
  • Drug Overdose
  • Herbs & Dietary Supplements
  • Drug Withdrawal Syndrome
  • Drug Toxicokinetics & Pharmacology
  • Herbal Supplements and Toxicity
  • Drug Interaction
  • Alcohol & Medications Interactions

Dr. Brautbar is a board-certified internist and nephrologist, and certified in forensic medicine. If you are interested in retaining Dr. Brautbar for forensic and expert witness testimony services, please submit the Contact Form.

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Drug Interactions

Estimates of drug-drug interactions have been reported as high as 20% of patients, who are on more than 5 medications at a time (polypharmacy).
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