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Drugs of Abuse & Alcohol Abuse Effects

Amphet / Metamphetamines, Cocaine, Opiates & Heroin

Dr. Brautbar has extensive teaching, treating, and consulting experience in regards to the evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of urine drug/alcohol tests, drug/alcohol concentrations in the blood, and forensic pharmacokinetics of drug and alcohol related findings. Dr. Brautbar continually expands and updates his knowledge of forensic pharmacology in regards to issues relating to drug and alcohol abuse effects findings in blood and urine samples. Dr. Brautbar has provided expert medical opinion in regards to the following, among others:

  • Knowledge of how samples are obstained, analysed and expressed can make or break your case
  • Blood/Urine Alcohol Concentrations - Interpretation & Time Profiles
  • Blood/Urine Drug Concentrations - Interpretation & Time Profiles
  • Probable Impairment by Alcohol and/or Drugs
  • Potential Effects of Alcohol and/or Drugs
  • Assessment of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs
  • Toxicity of Alcohol and Drug Concentrations - Blood/Urine
  • Interpretation of Ante-Mortem & Post-Mortem Drug/Alcohol Blood/Tissue Test Results
  • Interpretation and Analysis of Blood/Urine Test Results for Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Opiates, & Other Drugs of Abuse

Dr. Brautbar is a board-certified internist and nephrologist, and certified in forensic medicine. If you are interested in retaining Dr. Brautbar for forensic and expert witness testimony services, please submit the Contact Form.

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