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Ates Law Firm - J. Robert Ates

Dear Dr. Brautbar:

It was a great pleasure and learning experience working with you in your capacity as a defense expert for one of the world's foremost scrap metal companies. My colleagues and I, as well as the owner of the company, were glad to have worked with someone so knowledgeable, professional, and efficient in the field of Toxicology.

Your qualifications and contributions were of notable significance in our successful defense of the several class action and mass joinder cases.

Thank you again for your insight and your energy in consultation with us.

J. Robert Ates

Honorable Governor Pete Wilson's
Handwritten Letter

Senator Richard Mountjoy - 10/08/97
I want to thank you on behalf of the people of California. Your hours of hard work and invaluable council brought success...

See Handwritten Letter here

(s/) Govenor Pete Wilson and Senator Richard Mountjoy

Michael R. Rhames, Esq.
Yuhl Rhames & Atkinson, LLP

Dear Dr. Brautbar:

I want to thank you for your expert help on the Mindy Meyer case. I have known you over the last 20 years both as a defense attorney (in my "prior life") and for the past 10 years in my capacity representing Plaintiffs. Your expertise and professionalism has been consistent and reliable regardless of whether you are assisting the defense or plaintiff. You have always "called them as you see them" based on solid scientific evidence which as always benefited every client I have represented. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Very truly yours,

Michael R. Rhames, Esq.
Yuhl Rhames & Atkinson, LLP

Gabriella E. Zielinski - Kessel & Associates

Dear Dr. Brautbar:

I want to thank you for the medical scientific help on the above reference matter. Your excellent research and critical review of the file enabled us to negotiate a settlement and resolve the case.

My firm would like to express our appreciation to you and your staff for your professionalism and expertise; for your prompt review and consultation of the file; and your effort to make yourself available despite your busy schedule.

We will keep you in mind for any future expert medical needs.

Very truly yours,

Gabriella E. Zielinski
Kessel & Associates

California State Senate Commendation
Senator Richard L. Mountjoy - 11/15/00
Medical Toxicology

"Whereas, Dr. Nachman Brautbar is deserving of special public commendations for his significant contributions, including traveling to Sacramento to offer expert testimony on MTBE's impact on human health as well as expert scientific advice to Senator Mountjoy and the California Legislature, to the approval of Senate Bill 521 (Chapter 816, 1997) which led to the State of California's decision to remove MTBE from gasoline; and"�."Whereas Dr. Brautbar has brought the health problems attributed to methyl tertiary butyl ether to other physicians through discussions at meetings of various conferences and seminars; now, therefore, be it"�"Resolved by Senator Richard L. Mountjoy, that Dr. Nachman Brautbar be extended deep appreciation for his contributions to the approval of legislation which led to the State of California's decision to remove MTBE from gasoline and for offering expert testimony on MTBE's impact on human health and providing expert scientific advice to the Legislature."

(s/) Senator Richard Mountjoy

Attorney Nestor Michelena, Berger & Michelena
J. Sutton v. Piazza Trucking - 4/29/98
Internal Medicine

"Please be advised that due to your tremendous assistance once again, we have been able to settle the case of Mr. James Sutton on a Stipulated Findings and Award of 100%�.This Award is directly attributable to your opinion which you expressed in establishing the causal connection between his internal problems and the back injury he sustained....Again, I would like to thank you for all your assistance in helping the applicant receive the benefits to which he was due."

(s/) Nestor A. Michelena

Attorney Joseph Andrews, Andrews & Hensleigh
Evans v. Select Products - 12/11/00
Expert Witness

"... I do want to thank you for your able assistance. Your curriculum vitae reflects your impressive qualifications and experience. It does not reflect what most impressed me - your ability and willingness to roll up your sleeves, dig through voluminous medical records and scientific literature, and get to the truth of what happened. Due in no small part to your efforts, the jury saw the truth and returned a verdict for my clients of $6,960,000."

(s/) Joseph Andrews

Attorney Russell L. Glauber, Glauber, Berenson & Salazar
M. Valencia v. Price Pfister - 12/05/00
Forensic Toxicology

"... The above-cited matter was a disputed liability matter wherein Mr. Valencia ultimately died as a result of his exposure to chemicals at his place of employment. While the defendants through their normal barrage of non-compensable report at us, you through your detailed analysis of the medicals found misdiagnosis and misapplication of basic medical theory, thus allowing us to prove our claim and obtain the benefits on behalf of the decedant's family."

(s/) Russell L. Glauber

Attorney Maneuel E. Aguirrre, Hinden, Grueskin & Aguirre
R. Ocampo v. Bauchet Int - 10/13/00
Medical Toxicology

"Due to your fine work on this case, especially the thoroughness and professionalism of your well-drafted reports, we were able to obtain a settlement for $3,000,000.00, resulting in attorney's fees of $451,646.40, making this complicated and hotly disputed case one of the largest workers' compensation settlements in California. Your scientific research was vital in helping us establish that Mr. Ocampo's injuries were industrial and not the result of self-intoxication, as defendant claimed. On behalf of Mr. Ocompany and my office, I thank you for a job well done."

(s/) Manuel E. Aguirre

Attorney Gregg A. Pennington
M. Garcia, M Paull v. Safety Consultant Service - 12/05/00
Forensic Toxicology

"I am writing to thank you for your assistance in the above cases. As you know, both cases arose from chemical exposure at work which resulted in serious injury that both the Worker's Compensation and third party defendants minimized. The third party attorney, Jeffrey Kopcynski, and I worked closely together to obtain a total recovery between the cases of over $350,000.00. Your assistance was critical in rebutting the expert and medical opinion supporting the defense position. Your availability was particularly important given the complexity of the issues and the necessity to revise and clarify your opinions in view of the materials relied upon by defendants and forwarded to you. I look forward to working with you in the future."

(s/) Gregg A. Pennington

Attorney Jamie L. Berenson, Glauber, Berenson & Salazar
J. Jacobo v R&G Sloan - 09/05/00
Medical Toxicology

"I want to thank you for your expert medical reporting in the above captioned matter. As a result of your expert medical analysis, Mr. Jacobo was awarded benefits amount to approximately $400,000.00, after pay out. Mr. Jacobo's family is very grateful for your teamwork in bringing about such a favorable decision from the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board. As such, I wanted to take the time to personally thank you on behalf of the Jacobo's and Glauber, Berenson & Salazar."

(s/) Jamie L. Berenson

Attorney Barry Harris Hinden, Hinden Grueskin & Aguire
Patttie Ponce Gallagher v. Inland County Legal Services - 12/20/00
Internal Medicine

"Once again, thanks for your excellent research and reporting regarding applicant. Your scientific analysis which established causation, along with your explanation and estimate regarding future medical needs, resulting in finding that applicant is totally and permanently disabled and needs lifetime medical care. It was most impressive that your report referred to medical literature which was attached to support your findings. In addition to lifetime medical care, applicant's award amounted to $460,000.00. Thank you again for your expertise, professionalism and, most of all, your concern for injured workers."

(s/) Barry Harris Hinden

Attorneys Daniel E. Becnel, Jr. & Richard Arsenault
Ingram Barge Litigation - 04/12/99
Forensic Toxicology

"I am pleased to announce that Richard Arsenault has just completed negotiating a settlement in the Ingram Barge case of $40,500,000.00. Without your assistance, this result could not have been achieved. Richard Arsenault and I would like to thank you for helping us prepare this case for trial. Without your efforts we could not have obtained the results we received."

(s/) Daniel E. Becnel, Jr. & Richard Arsenault

Attorney, Manuel E. Aguirre
Elsa Sierra Barillas v. Tumaro's Inc. - 09/17/99
Internal Medicine

"We would like to express our thanks for your expert opinion regarding the internal aspects of my client's claim. Without your assistance it would not have been possible to arrive to this settlement figure for a total of $270,995.00 (including all benefits paid)."

(s/) Manuel E. Aguirre

Attorney, Daniel L. Keeling
Byron Smith v. Lema Construction - 10/19/99
Expert Witness

"...Your reporting and analysis of this case with regard to the chemical exposure theories played a significant role in allowing us to resolve this case by Compromise and Release on the second day of trial in the amount of $300,000"..."Beyond your reporting, I sincerely appreciate your availability by telephone throughout the pendency of this case. Our conversations, as well as the numerous medical journal articles you supplied to me were interesting, educational and had a direct impact on my analysis and work-up of this case."

(s/) Daniel L. Keeling

Attorney, Richard M. Hawkins
Jimmie Thompson - Deceased v Enviro Spectrum - 02/15/00
Forensic Toxicology

"I would like to thank you for your help in our successful recovery on the death claim of Jimmie Thompson. Your report and findings were the turning point in this difficult toxic torts case. The widow and dependent child also thank you for your help and expertise concerning toxic torts."

(s/) Richard M. Hawkins

The comments excerpted above were unsolicited, have been enlarged to facilitate reading & are published with author's permission. Full text available on request. No implication is intended that Dr. Brautbar can or will obtain these kind of results in your particular case. Each case and any awards obtained, if any, depend on the facts. These statements are not intended as an endorsement, and are not represented as such.

Dr. Brautbar is a board-certified internist and nephrologist, and certified in forensic medicine. If you are interested in retaining Dr. Brautbar for forensic and expert witness testimony services, please submit the Contact Form.

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